Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Pole
(DIY - Do It Yourself)

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Put the fence post in the yard away from trees or bushes.

Slide a 2" x 6' long PVC pipe over the fence post to make it harder for the squirrels to climb the the fence post. 

Make a small wood platform that slips inside the 2" PVC pipe.  Attach the two pieces of wood together with wood screws.  Note:  You can make the upper piece of wood a little larger to fit your bird feeder.  However, don't make it large enough for a squirrel to sit on it.  As a revision I have put a 1/4" radius on the edges of the platform as shown to reduce the chance that the plastic disk will tear when blown in strong winds.

Insert the wood platform into an 18" long piece of 2" PVC pipe.  Drill a hole in the PVC pipe to attach the platform to the PVC pipe.

Note:  I have replaced the plastic disk on the original design with a stainless steel bowl.  I hammered down the lip of the bowl so that a squirrel cannot hang on the lip of the bowl. 

This view shows that relative lengths of the tent pole, lower length of PVC pipe, and upper length of PVC pipe with bird feeder attached.


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