Don's Ronchi Telescope Mirror Tester (for iPhone 4S)




This Ronchi tester is designed to be used the iPhone camera.  The design can be modified to be used with a different phone or and iPhone installed in a different case than the one shown. 



Model With Dimensions:

Photos (cropped):

This photo is of a finished mirror with aluminum coating, so is very bright.


This photo is of an unfinished mirror with no coating, so is not very bright.

Laser Pointer (Used to align the mirror and tester):

I have attached a laser pointer to the tester.  I attached the laser pointer to a Velcro wire tie (loop side away from the laser pointer) using 3M reusable adhesive and plastic wire ties.  Note that I attached the Velcro wire tie (hook side out) to the Ronchi tester with two wood screws.

The first photo shows pointing the laser pointer pointing into the viewing hole.  When the laser pointer is not in use, the loop Velcro on the laser pointer attaches to the hook Velcro on the Ronchi tester (second photo).