LED Astronomer's Flashlight for under $5

by Don Peckham
Home:  dbpeckham.com

I have found that purchased astronomer's red flashlights are too bright.  With less than $5 in parts I built a small, dim LED flashlight. 

I settled on a 680 ohm resistor for backyard viewing inside the city (neighborhood lights, etc.).  A higher resistance resistor (dimmer LED lamp) is more appropriate for dark sky viewing.

LED Flashlight



Circuit Diagram


  1. Open up the battery holder (must remove a screw).

  2. Remove the screw from the little cover at the switch end of the battery holder.  Note that the cover is heat-welded in place, so you need to use a knife to break the heat welds.

Open the battery holder

  1. See the position of the resistor and LED.

Photo of circuit layout

  1. Drill a hole for the LED in the location shown.  Make sure the hole is a little small so that the LED will have a snug fit.


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