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USB to Serial Male Telescope Control





Windows XP SP2 includes the following Bluetooth radio drivers.


If you have Windows XP SP2 the simplest solution is to use a USB device that is supported by a driver on the list above.  Note that some of the drivers on the list are for built-in devices.


Windows XP SP2

  • I successfully used the TRENDnet USB (TBW-101UB) dongle with the SiTech software.  This device is supported by one of the drivers on the above list.  With my Windows XP SP2 I just inserted the TRENDnet USB dongle and let the hardware wizard setup the device.  I did NOT install the software that came on the CD with the TRENDnet USB dongle.


Windows 2000 

  • With Windows 2000 I had to install the (BlueSoleil) software from the CD that came with the TRENDnet USB dongle since Windows 2000 does not include Bluetooth drivers.  The TRENDnet CD also includes a demo version of "RS232 Stealth Monitor".  In order to get a reliable connection between the SiTechExe and ServoConfig software and the SiTech controller I had to run BOTH BlueSoleil and "RS232 Stealth Monitor" using the following steps:

  1. Plug in the TRENDnet USB dongle

  2. Open BlueSoleil software

  3. Make sure remote Bluetooth device is powered and ready to be found

  4. Activate the remote device by double-clicking its icon in BlueSoleil but do NOT connect.  Identify the COM port number

  5. Open "RS232 Stealth Monitor" and select the COM number

  6. Under "Options" start capture.  The COM port should automatically connect.

  7. Start the ServoConfig or SiTechExe software and select the appropriate COM port


AIRcable Serial

  • Use the switches on the AIRcable Serial device to select 19.2k and hardware disabled (switch down).

  • The AIRcable Serial is configured using the instructions at this site

  • The AIRcable Serial must be powered