Don Peckham's Banjo Music


Here are some of my banjo tunes played on my 1925 or 1934 B&D Silver Bell No.1, 2008 Dale Small Silver Bell or 1980s Vegaphone plectrum banjo:

Ain't She Sweet  F  -- Lyrics by Jack Yellen, Music by Milton Ager - 1927
Alabama Jubilee
-- Lyrics by J. Yellen, Music by J. Cobb - 1915
Angry  Bb -- Lyrics & Music by Dudley Mecum, Henry & Merrit Brunies - 1925
Avalon F -- Lyrics by Al Jolson and B. G. DeSylva, Music by Vincent Rose - 1920
Baby Face C 
-- Lyrics & Music by Benny Davis & Harry Akst - 1926
Beer Barrel Polka C F 
-- Lyrics by Lew Brown, Music by Jaromir Vejvoda - 1934
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen Fm 
-- by Sholom Secunda - 1932
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (for fun) Fm  
-- by Sholom Secunda - 1932
Billy (I Always Dream Of Bill) C 
-- Music by James Kendis & Herman Paley, Lyrics by Joe Goodwin - 1911
By the Beautiful Sea C  
-- Lyrics by Harold R. Atteridge, Music by Harry Carroll - 1914
Bye Bye Blues C  
-- Lyrics & Music by Fred Hamm, Dave Bennett, Bert Lown & Chauncey Gray - 1930
Bye Bye Blues (Vocal) C  
-- Lyrics & Music by Fred Hamm, Dave Bennett, Bert Lown & Chauncey Gray - 1930
California Here I Come C 
 -- Lyrics & Music by Al Jolson, Bud De Sylva and Joseph Meyer - 1924  
Charleston Bb
  -- Music by James P. Johnson, Lyrics by Richard C. McPherson (as Cecil Mack) - 1923
(Sailing Down The) Chesapeake Bay F  
--  Music by George Botsford, Lyrics by Jean C. Havez - 1913
Chinatown C  
-- Music by J. Schwartz, Lyrics by W. Jerome - 1910
Clarkston High School (Bantams) Fight Song C  -- (On, Wisconsin!) -- Lyrics by Carl Beck. Music by W.T. Purdy  -  1909
Darkness On The Delta F 
-- Lyrics by Marty Symes & Al J. Neiburg, by Jerry Levinson - 1932
The Darktown Strutter's Ball C 
-- Lyrics & Music by Shelton Brooks - 1917
The Darktown Strutter's Ball (Vocal) C  
-- Lyrics & Music by Shelton Brooks - 1917
Down On The Farm
 -- Music & Lyrics by Billy Dale, Charles Parrrott, Jimmy Adams & Harry Harrison - 1924 
 -- Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, Music by Richard Rogers - 1959 
Everybody Loves Somebody C  
-- Music by Ken Lane, Lyrics by Irving Taylor - 1948 
Farewell Blues F  
-- Lyrics & Music by Elmer Schoebel, Paul Mares & Leon Rappolo - 1923

Five Foot Two (vocal) C  
-- Lyrics by Sam Lewis and Joe Young, Music by Ray Henderson - 1925
Four Leaf Clover C  
-- Lyrics by Mort Dixon, Music by Harry Woods - 1927 
Freight Train F 
Happy Days Are Here Again C  
-- Lyrics by Jack Yellen, Music by Milton Ager - 1929 
Happy Wanderer C    
Have You Ever Been Lonely? C  
-- Music by Peter De Rose, Lyrics by Billy Hill (as George Brown), 1933 
He'd Have To Get Under (Get Out And Get Under) F  
-- Lyrics by Grant Clarke and Edgar Leslie. Music by Maurice Abrahams, 1913
He'd Have To Get Under (Get Out And Get Under) G 
If You Knew Suzie (6 verses) C  
-- Lyrics & Music by B. G. De Sylva - 1925
I Told Them All About You (Vocal) C  
-- Cliff Friend - 1927
Ida C  
-- Lyrics by Eddie Leonard, Music by Eddie Munson - 1930
Idaho Fight Song F 
Lady of Spain C 
 -- Music and Lyrics by Robert Hargreaves, Tolchard Evans, Stanley J. Damerell & Henry B Tilsley
Lewiston High School (Bengals) Fight Song F
  -- Notre Dame Fight Song
Ma, He's Makin' Eyes At Me C  
--  Music by James V. Monaco, Lyrics by Joseph McCarthy & Howard Johnson - 1916
Margie F  
-- Music by Con Conrad & J. Russel Robinson, Lyrics by Benny Davis, 1920
My Blue Eyed Jane C
  --  Words and Music by Jimmie Rodgers and Lula Belle White - 1931 
My Cutie's Due At Two To Two Today
  C -- Lyrics by Leo Robin, Music by Albert Von Tilzer & Irving Bibo - 1926
My Little Red Wagon C  --  Words and Music by Rex Griffin - 1948 
Notre Dame Fight Song F   Video
Oh Johnny C -- Lyrics by Ed Rose, Music by Abe Olman - 1917 
Ol Susanna / Camptown Races  C  F  
On Wisconsin C   Video

Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet F Bb
-- Music by Percy Wenrich, Lyrics by Stanley Murphy, 1909
Rambling Rag C F   -- Music by Don Peckham -1982
Redwing C   -- Lyrics by Thurland Chattaway, Music by Kerry Mills - 1907
Robert E. Lee C F  --  Music by Lewis F. Muir, Lyrics by L. Wolfe Gilbert - 1912
Row, Row, Row C -- Lyrics by William Jerome, Music by Jimmie V. Monaco - 1922 
Old) Shanty Town F -- Lyrics by Joe Young, Music by Little Jack Little & John Siras -  1932
Sheik of Araby Bb -- Lyrics & Music by Harry Smith, Francis Wheeler & Ted Snider -1921
Shine Eb -- Lyrics by Cecil Mack and Lew Brown, Music by Ford Dabney -  1924
Shine on Harvest Moon  Bb  -- Lyrics by Jack Norworth. Music by Nora Bayes-Norworth - 1908
Somebody Stole My Gal C  
-- Lyrics & Music by Leo Wood - 1918 
Somebody Stole My Gal C  -- Just for fun
Some of These Days * Dm
 -- by Shelton Brooks - 1911
Some of These Days (Vocal) * Dm  
-- by Shelton Brooks - 1911
Sweet Baby Peckham F C  
That's How Much I Love You C    
There Is A Tavern In The Town C  
--  F. J. Adams - 1891 
Those Magnificent Young Men In Their Flying Machines C    
Toot Toot Tootsie  F
 -- Lyrics & Music by Gus Kahn, Ernie Erdman, Dan Russo - 1922  
Ukulele Baby - C  --  Music by Al Sherman & Marty Bloom, Lyrics by Jack Meskill & Ed Rose - 1922
Wabash Blues F  -- Lyrics by Dave Ringle, Music by Fred Meinken - 1921
Washington and Lee Swing C 
--  Lyrics & Music by C. A. Robbins, T. W. Allen, and M. W. Sheapfe - 1910
Whispering C
  -- Lyrics & Music by John Schonberger, Richard Coburn, Vincent Rose -  1920
Wolverine Rag (Wolverine Blues) C -- Music and Lyrics by Fred Morton, Benjamin Spikes and John Spikes - 1923 -Based on an arrangement by Doug Scott
World Is Waiting For The Sunrise C  
-- Lyrics by Eugene Lockhart, Music by Ernest Seitz - 1919 
WSU Fight Song G  
Video  Lead  MIDI  -- Mahlon Merrick  -  1965

* Played on 1934 banjo


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