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Astronomy Links and Miscellaneous

Messier Certificate #1988 - Observed all 110 objects
Lunar Club Certificate #347
OSP 2010 Telescope Walkabout (Stacked String Telescope)
Moon Photo - Sea of Tranquility
Sun Photo -May 12, 2012
Don's Astronomy Photos    
David Haworth's Lunar Observing Log - Excellent photos
Mel Bartels' Home Page 
Sidereal Technology - Controller by Dan Gray 
Saturn Cassini-Huygens    
APOD - Astronomy Photo Of The Day
Rose City Astronomers

SketchUp Models


Don's Banjo Tunes 
Joe's Jam Tune Index (Vintage Instrument Catalogs)  
The Banjo - Our Heritage
Banjo Serial Numbers
Bacon Serial Numbers  
Brian's Huge Chord List  (Chords for "all" stringed instruments)
Music Theory 
Old Time Music in Portland
Live 365 (streaming radio music)
Fiddlin' Doc Roberts


Jim Bottorff's Banjo Page (Excellent resource with midi)  
Lester S Levy Collection of Sheet Music 
University of Colorado Sheet Music 
Duke University Historic American Sheet Music 
Indiana University  
Duke University   
Massachusetts Institute of Technology   
Petrucci Music Library   
Sheet Music Consortium  
Sheet Music on the Web  
Grandpa Schober's MIDI Files  
James Pitt-Payne's Midi Website  
vanBasco's MIDI Search 
C-Jam New Orleans Jambook  
Swing Music Links   
Perfessor Bill Edwards (excellent) 
Sue Keller's MIDI (excellent) 
RagtimeMusic (old time music)


Smart Money
Quicken Stocks
Yahoo Stock Quotes
Annual Credit Report  (Annual Free Credit Report) 


WWII, Omaha Beach
Research It! (Good General Research Tools)
ZabaSearch   (People Finder)
PPS (Postal Prescription Services)