Jean-Pierre Houle's Equatorial Platform


Here are photos of the final version of my equatorial platform which was built around Don Peckham's design with a floating south mount. I was lucky also to live at a latitude of 45.8 degrees North that made the things much more simpler. 

I am using a Compumotor Serie A Microstep Drive with a High torque step motor from Compumotor also, built a small electronic circuit using 555 timer as an adjustable free running oscillator at a frequency of 6.54 Hz/second  driving the indexer input of the microstep drive which have a 25,000 steps resolution and along with the direct drive of the platform I am very please of  the tracking possibility of the system. I also added a Mobile Power Converter which I think will be very useful when I will go to my favorite observation site which is a few miles from my home and that the only available power will be 12 V.D.C from my car's battery.